Order of Saint Francis

The Order of Saint Francis (OSF) is an active, Apostolic Christian religious order within the in the Franciscan tradition. The OSF admits members of the Anglican Communion (and churches in full communion). Rather than living in an enclosed communal setting, OSF brothers live independently in different parts of the world, with ministries based on the needs of their local communities. Members are baptized men who have been confirmed within the Anglican Communion, and who voluntarily commit to living by a set of vows for a term of years or for life. The Order of Saint Francis is a dispersed order, which welcomes men with dual vocations (clergy as well as lay). Brothers may also be married or single and can be found in the United States, Canada, and Africa.

Official status[1]Edit

The Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Washington is the Bishop Visitor of the Order. In 2004, Br. Nicholas Kis received permission from the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Washington to establish the order. In acknowledging the relevant canons of The Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion, the Order seeks to become Observer members of the National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities (NAECC), while continuing to strengthen ties with both Franciscan and other religious communities and organizations both within the Communion and with our ecumenical partners in mission.

Interpretation of vows[2]Edit

Married men may be admitted to membership of the Order of Saint Francis. This has necessitated changes to the traditional vows, particularly those of chastity and poverty. The vows are still taken but with a broader interpretation.[3]


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