Orcococha (Huancavelica)

Orcococha (possibly from Quechua urqu male; mountain, qucha lake,[1] "mountain lake" or "male lake") is a lake in Peru located in the Huancavelica Region, Castrovirreyna Province, Santa Ana District, and in the Huaytará Province, Pilpichaca District. It is situated east of Lake Choclococha and northwest of the smaller lake named Caracocha.

Coordinates13°13′05″S 75°09′14″W / 13.218°S 75.154°W / -13.218; -75.154Coordinates: 13°13′05″S 75°09′14″W / 13.218°S 75.154°W / -13.218; -75.154
Basin countriesPeru
Surface elevation4,625 m (15,174 ft)

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