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Harvested poppy capsules

Opium in Iran is widely available, and the country was thought to have the highest per capita number of opiate addicts in the world[1][2] at a rate of 2.8% of Iranians over age 15. The Iranian government estimates the number of addicts at 2 million.[3] Opium and heroin from Afghanistan and Pakistan—known collectively as the Golden Crescent—pass through Iran's eastern borders in large amounts.[3]



Total annual opium intercepts by the Iranian authorities are larger than in any other country.[4] The Iranian government admits that they can only intercept a tiny proportion of the thousands of tonnes that are trafficked through Iran every year.[3] Opium costs far less in Iran than in the West,[3] and is cheaper than beer.[2]

In Zahedan, an Iranian town near the Pakistani border, 3 grams of opium can be purchased for 10,000 Iranian rials, equivalent to $1 USD, and 1 kg costs the equivalent of $330.[5] In Zabol, $1 buys 5 grams of Afghan opium.[5] According to official Iranian government reports, within Tehran the daily consumption of opium is 4 metric tons.[6] According to UNODC estimates, 450 metric tons of opium are consumed in Iran each year.[7]

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