2010 Khorasan shootout

The 2010 Khorasan shootout occurred on January 2, 2010 when Iranian police executing a drug raid were fired upon by drug smugglers[1] near the Iran-Afghanistan border. At least 10 Iranian police were killed; 7 died at the scene and three more died later as a result of injuries sustained during the shooting.[2]

2010 Khorasan shootout
Map of Iran with South Khorasan highlighted
South Khorasan Province
LocationSouth Khorasan Province, Iran
Date2 January 2010
Attack type
Mass shooting
PerpetratorIranian drug smugglers
DefendersIranian police

It was Iran's deadliest drug smuggling related shootout in recent years. Reports also indicated that 4 additional Iranian policemen were also seriously injured in the shootout,[3] and two drug smugglers were killed.

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