Opisthostoma mirabile

Opisthostoma mirabile is a species of air-breathing land snail with an operculum, a terrestrial gastropod mollusk in the family Diplommatinidae.

Opisthostoma mirabile
Opisthostoma mirabile shell.png
Drawing of the shell of Opisthostoma mirabile.
Scientific classification
O. mirabile
Binomial name
Opisthostoma mirabile


It is endemic to the Kinabatangan Valley, Sabah, Malaysia.[1] It lives in Borneo.[2]

Its natural habitat is lowland Dipterocarp rainforest. Opisthostoma mirabile is endemic to one limestone outcrop near Suan Lamba known as 'Gomanton Hill'.[3] Subpopulations existed in two smaller limestone outcrops. This species is absent in surrounding non-calcareous regions, and therefore restricted to 1.5 km2 of limestone hills.[1]


It is threatened by habitat loss- limestone quarrying has extirpated Opisthostoma mirabile from the two lesser outcrops, and fire near the outcrops has caused forest desiccation which has led to a decline in Prosobranch populations.[1]


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