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Operation Sankat Mochan (Nepali: संकट मोचन, Operation Crisis Relief) is a Nepal Army earthquake relief operation following the April 2015 Nepal earthquake; the Nepal Army has deployed 90 percent of its force.[3][4]

Operation Sankat Mochan
ओपरेशन संकट मोचन
Part of Response to April 2015 Nepal earthquake
2015 Nepal depremi (3).jpg
Nepal Army and Turkish Disaster Relief aid worker working together.
TypeEmergency response
Earthquake-affected areas of Central Nepal
ObjectiveSearch and rescue, disaster relief
Date26 April 2015 –
Executed byNepal Army and Indian Army
  • 6,311+ confirmed dead[1]
  • 14,000+ injured[2]



Nepal army took three phase operation initiative.

  • Phase 1: Immediate response
  • Phase 2: Coordinating Rescue and Relief
  • Phase 3: Current Recovery operations

Interagency collaborationEdit

Hundreds of army personnel from different countries and 17,000 Armed Police Force officials support the Nepal Army.[5] Countries include India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Bangladesh, Israel, Netherlands, Bhutan, Poland, USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, France, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, Russia, Norway, UK, Switzerland, Germany and UAE. India leads the countries in personnel with 962 and China comes in second with 370.[citation needed]


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