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"Operation Ground and Pound" is the fourth track of power metal band DragonForce's third album, Inhuman Rampage. The track was the second music video to be released by the band, although as with their previous single, "Through the Fire and Flames", the song is edited to reduce the running time to around 5 minutes compared to the album version of nearly 8 minutes.

"Operation Ground and Pound"
Operation Ground & Pound Artwork.jpg
Single by DragonForce
from the album Inhuman Rampage
B-sideOperation Ground and Pound (Album version) [1]
ReleasedDecember 2006
GenrePower metal, speed metal
Length4:58 (Radio/video edit)
7:44 (Album version)
LabelSanctuary, Roadrunner
Songwriter(s)Sam Totman and ZP Theart
Producer(s)Sam Totman, Herman Li, Vadim Pruzhanov
DragonForce singles chronology
"Through the Fire and Flames"
"Operation Ground and Pound"
"Revolution Deathsquad"
Music video
Operation Ground and Pound on YouTube

On 21 August 2008 it was made available as a download to play on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock alongside "Revolution Deathsquad" and "Heroes of Our Time".[2] The song was also added to the Rock Band 3 downloadable content catalog on 29 March 2011.

Music videoEdit

The music video shows the band playing on an alien world as enormous space battleships fly overhead pounding the ground with lightning bolts (some shots are reminiscent of the cover to Sonic Firestorm). It starts with the microphone flying toward ZP when the guitar starts. Similar to the "Through the Fire and Flames" music video, his eyes do not open until the song starts. During the duet, guitarists Sam Totman and Herman Li are shown playing a guitar game on a PC Engine while they duel on the screen (Herman Li being the victor). In one shot during the duet, singer ZP Theart can be seen drinking what appears to be coffee from a styrofoam coffee cup in front of a green screen, looking bored and shrugging. At the end, it goes back to the entire band playing, during which time special effects continue, with the battleships crashing into the ground. Just before the end, some portions are shown backwards and the planet's sky is back to normal, and the scene becomes more peaceful. At the start of the video, Sam Totman is shown using a Jackson Rhoads, but during the guitar solo/duel, he is seen using an Ibanez Iceman. It is believed this is the prototype for his later released signature model, seen in "Heroes of Our Time" (although the guitar in the video is black, as compared to his signature model, which is white).


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