Onni Hiltunen

Onni Hiltunen

Onni Alfred Hiltunen (26 November 1895 – 8 June 1971) was a Finnish politician, minister in several cabinets and chairman of the Social Democratic Party.[1]

Hiltunen was born in Jyväskylä. He worked as railwayman and was later a shopkeeper. He worked at a social democratic paper in Varkaus 1931–1946. Hiltunen was elected to the parliament for terms between 1930 and 1962 first from Northern and later from Southern Savonia electoral district.

Hiltunen was chairman of the Social Democratic Party between 1944 and 1946. He hold several ministerial posts, including Minister of Finance 1944, 1948–1950, 1951[2], Minister of Trade and Industry[3] and Deputy Prime Minister 1958–1959, Minister in the Finance Ministry 1945–1946, 1946–1948.

He was chairman of KELA 1951–1961.


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