Omrao Khan

Omrao Khan beenkar was a vina wizard of the 18th century.[1] He was a descendant of Naubat Khan.

Early lifeEdit

Omrao Khan beenkar was born in Agra to Naubat Khan II. He was the nephew of Nirmol Shah and first cousin of Pyar Khan, Jafar Khan and Basit Khan of Awadh. He came to Banda on the invitation of Nawab of Banda Hashmat Jung. Omrao Khan had two sons Ameer Khan beenkar and Rahim Khan. Ameer Khan was the father of legendary vina player Wazir Khan.


Omrao Khan was the master of Nawab of Banda 'Hashmat Jung' or Ali Bahadur II who participated in the 1857 war of independence. He was also the master of Ali Naqi the prime minister of Awadh[2] and Raja sahab Rewa.


Omrao Khan invented surbahar and taught it to his disciple Ghulam Mohammad at Banda.

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