Olympic record progression track cycling – Men's flying 200 m time trial

This is an overview of the progression of the Olympic track cycling record of the men's flying 200 m time trial as recognised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).[1]

The men's flying 200 m time trial is the qualification for the men's sprint. This discipline is competed since the first Olympics at the 1896 Summer Olympics, but in 1988 the flying 200 m time trial was introduced as a qualification event. The UCI lists the first Olympic record in 1992.


♦ denotes a performance that is also a current world record. Statistics are correct as of the end of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Time (s) Cyclists Location Track Date Meet Ref
10.252   Jens Fiedler (GER)   Barcelona Open air 28 July 1992 1992 Olympics
10.129   Gary Neiwand (AUS)   Atlanta Open air 24 July 1996 1996 Olympics
9.815   Chris Hoy (GBR)   Beijing Indoor 17 August 2008 2008 Olympics
9.713   Jason Kenny (GBR)   London Velopark, London Indoor 4 August 2012 2012 Olympics
9.703   Callum Skinner (GBR)   Rio Olympic Velodrome, Rio de Janeiro Indoor 12 August 2016 2016 Olympics
9.551   Jason Kenny (GBR) Indoor [2]


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