Ole Thomsen

Ole Thomsen (born 28 November 1952 in Bergen, Norway) is a Norwegian jazz musician (guitar) and composer, known from a number of releases and since 1977 central on the Bergen jazz scene.[1] He is the older brother of another Bergen Guitarist, Kåre Thomsen.

Ole Thomsen
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Background information
Born (1952-11-28) 28 November 1952 (age 68)
Bergen, Hordaland
Occupation(s)Musician, composer


Ole Thomsen with BBB in 2014.
Karin Krog with Ole thomsen in the back to the left, during a concert with BBB in 2014.

The Jazz fusion inspired Thomson has contributed on at least 19 releases,[2] such as in The Gambian/Norwegian Friendship Orchestra, Orchestra Ny Bris with Olav Dale, Per Jørgensen, Frank Jakobsen, Kåre Garnes og Dag Arnesen and Thomsens Loosebox with Ivar Kolve, Stein Inge Brækhus and Yngve Moe. From 1987 he led the band Hot Cargo, with Stein Inge Brækhus (drums), Olav Dale (saxophone), and Geir Rognø (bass) for the 1992 recording, and led the Ole Thomsen Group with Ingolv Haaland (piano), Stein Inge Brækhus (drums), Asbjørn Sundal (bass) and Torbjørn Hillersøy (bass). He also led the bands "Hot Cargo" at the Nattjazz 1988–95, and "Electric Heavyland" with co-musicians Harald Dahlstrøm (hammond organ), Øivind Lunde (bass guitar), Frank Jakobsen (drums), at the Nattjazz 1993.[3]

Thomsen has featured on recordings with, among others, Ole Amund Gjersvik, Wenche Gausdal Kvintett, Dag Arnesen, Bergen Blues Band, Ove Thue, Kari Bremnes, Ole Paus, Hans Inge Fagervik.[1]




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