Old Muscat is the original historic city of Muscat, the capital of Oman, on the coast in the Gulf of Oman.[1][2]

Historic view of Old Muscat in 1876
Modern view of Old Muscat from the mountain road
Shiva temple in Old Muscat is one of the oldest Hindu temple in Middle East


The old city of Muscat is separated from the rest of modern Muscat by coastal mountains. It is located along the Muttrah Corniche coastal road (entering via the Muscat Gate Museum) between Port Sultan Qaboos and Al Bustan Beach.[2] The city is protected by a wall with round towers, built in 1625, on the western and southern sides. The Gulf of Oman and the surrounding mountains form a natural boundary to the east and north. Until the mid-20th century, the gates were closed three hours after dusk.[1] Anyone on the streets after this time had to carry a lantern with them. In addition, smoking was banned on the main streets and the public playing of music was also banned.


Tourist attractions in Old Muscat include:

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