Old City Cemetery (Jacksonville, Florida)

The Old City Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida was established in 1852 as Jacksonville's main burial ground.[1] After the American Civil War the cemetery later interred many Confederate veterans. Being that the cemetery is over 160 years old the Jacksonville Historic Landmarks Commission has deemed it as a historic landmark of Jacksonville. The United Daughters of the Confederacy improved the cemetery by placing a historical plaque for the cemetery in 1949 and then a wall at the entrance of the cemetery in 1954.[2]

Old City Cemetery
The entrance to Old City Cemetery
LocationJacksonville, Florida

Notable burialsEdit

Decay and vandalismEdit

Despite being one of the oldest and most historical cemeteries in Jacksonville it has been neglected and in decay. Due to the increased downtown urbanization around the cemetery and poor security it has endured vandalism over the years. Some gravestones have been damaged or simply toppled over in certain areas of the cemetery.[3]



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