October 1907 Russian legislative election

Legislative elections were held in the Russian Empire in October 1907. They were the second that year after the dissolution of the Second State Duma. The Union of October 17 emerged as the largest party in the third State Duma, winning 125 of the 442 seats.[1]

October 1907 Russian legislative election

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All 442 seats in the State Duma
223 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Alexander Guchkov Pavel Milyukov Ivan Yefryemov
Party Octobrist Cadet PPPMO
Seats won 125 53 39

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Julius Martov Alexey Aladyin
Party RSDLP Trudoviks
Seats won 19 13

Chairman before election

Fyodor Golovin
Constitutional Democratic Party


Nikolay Khomyakov
Union of October 17

Results edit

Union of October 17125
Constitutional Democratic Party53
Progressive PartyParty of Peaceful Renovation39
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party19
Right-wing Octobrists11
Polskie Koło11
Muslim Group8
Polish–Lithuanian–Belarusian Group7
Source: Great Russian Encyclopedia

References edit

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