1912 Russian legislative election

Legislative elections were held in the Russian Empire in September 1912 to elect the fourth State Duma.[1]

1912 Russian legislative election

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All 442 seats in the State Duma
222 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Alexander Guchkov Pavel Milyukov Ivan Yefryemov
Party Octobrist Cadet Progressists
Seats won 98 59 48

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Julius Martov Aleksei Aladin
Party RSDLP Trudoviks
Seats won 14 10

Chairman before election

Mikhail Rodzianko
Union of October 17


Mikhail Rodzianko
Union of October 17

Results edit

Around 51% of those elected were nobles, the highest during the Tsarist era.[1] Both the right- and left-wing increased their representation in the Duma; right-wing candidates won 153 seats and left-wingers 152, whilst the centrists, including the Union of October 17, were reduced to 130 seats.[1]

Union of October 1798
Constitutional Democratic Party59
Progressive Party48
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party14

Aftermath edit

Following the elections, the Union of October 17 became an opposition party due to its harassment by the government during the election.[1]

References edit

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