Octagon (novel)

Octagon is a novel by Fred Saberhagen published in 1981.

First edition (publ. Ace Books)

Plot summaryEdit

Octagon is a novel in which Alex Barrow discovers that someone is killing his opponents in the science fiction play-by-mail game Starweb.[1]


Greg Costikyan reviewed Octagon in Ares Magazine #11 and commented that "Octagon is a good mystery novel which explores a rather interesting theme: the idea that a clever programmer can manipulate records and programs in our computer-based world to his own ends."[1]

Dave Langford reviewed The Flight of the Dragonfly for White Dwarf #68, and stated that "it's a pleasant thriller with the computer-moderated RPG Starweb getting uncomfortable as players are eliminated not by strategy but by assassination. I recommend this technique to Diplomacy addicts. The villain's identity is obvious long before the story reveals it, but it's all quite tense nevertheless."[2]



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