Nur ul-Ihsan Mosque

The Nur ul-Ihsan Mosque was, until 2018, the oldest mosque in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It was situated 7 km north of the centre of the city.

Nur ul-Ihsan Mosque
Mosque Nur ul-Ihsan.JPG
Branch/traditionSunni Islam
LocationPhnom Penh, Cambodia
Nur ul-Ihsan Mosque is located in Cambodia
Nur ul-Ihsan Mosque
Shown within Cambodia
Geographic coordinates11°37′49.79″N 104°54′13.21″E / 11.6304972°N 104.9036694°E / 11.6304972; 104.9036694Coordinates: 11°37′49.79″N 104°54′13.21″E / 11.6304972°N 104.9036694°E / 11.6304972; 104.9036694
Date established1813

It was built in 1813[1] by the Cham community. It survived the Khmer rouge regime which transformed it into a pigsty.[2]

In 2018 it has been destroyed and replaced by a mosque called the KM7 Mosque, a Middle Eastern design financed by a donation from Kuwait.[3]


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Mosque KM7 remplacing the historical mosque.