Nukumanu language

Nukumanu is a Polynesian language, spoken by about 700 people on Nukumanu in the eastern islands of Papua New Guinea.[3] It is one of the most endangered languages in the region.[4]

Nukumanu STS099-725-41.jpg
Native toPapua New Guinea
Native speakers
700 (2003)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nuq


English-Nukumanu Vocabulary[5]
English Nukumanu
Coconut Palm nίu
Breadfruit Tree ' úlu
Banana hŭki
Hibiscus hau
Sugar Cane kólo
Tree náku
Yams ŭhi
A large red berry with no core puáta
A type of fruit with a hard shell tóno
A type of hardwood shrub heníe
Red (Color)
Green (Color) eúli
Dark (as in deep water/far away) upála


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Further readingEdit

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