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The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture (Norwegian: Kulturdepartementet) is responsible for cultural policy, regulations and other matters related to the media and sports. The ministry was established in 1982, at which time it was called the Ministry of Cultural and Scientific Affairs. Until then, the Ministry of Church and Education had had the overriding responsibility for cultural affairs in Norway. It is led by Abid Raja (Liberal). The ministry reports to the Storting.======.=......====== To the gentlemen, members of the theater in Norway, or gentlemen working in the field of theater in promotion, or gentlemen interested in literature and culture in promotion, I first hope that the three titles do not exist or are incorrect ...

The facade of the Ministry of Culture and parts of the Supreme Court in Oslo

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The ministry is divided into six departments and an information unit.[2]

  • Department of the Arts
  • Department of Media Policy
  • Department of Sport Policy
  • Cultural Heritage Department
  • Department of Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector
  • Department of Administrative Affairs
  • The Information Unit

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