1982 in Norway

Events in the year 1982 in Norway.

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  • 11 March – Widerøe Flight 933 crashed into the Barents Sea near Mehamn, killing all 15 on board; this accident remains highly controversial in Norway.
  • 2 July – A bomb explodes in a locker at the Oslo Central Station. A young woman is killed and eleven others are injured.
  • 9 July – An unexploded bomb is found and defused in the cargo storage at the Oslo central station.
  • 9 October – An 18-year-old confesses that it was he who was behind the bombing of the Central Station in Oslo.
  • 11 October – Eight paintings worth an estimated 25 million NOK are stolen from the National Gallery in Oslo .
  • 18 October – the trail of Arnfinn Nesset, who stands accused of killing 25 patients at the Geriatric institution in Orkdal where he was the director, begins.
  • The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs is established

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