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Norway Rock Festival, formerly known as Kvinesdal Rock Festival, is a rock and metal festival held annually in Kvinesdal, Norway since 2006. The 2007 edition took place between 12 July and 15 July. At the 2008 festival, two people were found dead near to a bus.[1] Initial reports suspect carbon monoxide poisoning as being the cause of death. The 2009 edition took place between 9 July and 12 July.[2] The 2010 edition took place on between 7 July and 11 July.

Norway Rock Festival
Norway-Rock-Festival concert-area.jpg
GenreRock, metal
Location(s)Kvinesdal, Norway
Years active2006 – present

The festival is known for its bright atmosphere and a phenomenal festival camp near the festival area. Norway Rock Festival is unofficially known as “Norway’s response to Woodstock” “Norway’s best rock festival” and “The summer’s most beautiful festival adventure” by the press and the audience who return year after year to experience the festival’s peculiar rock soul where freedom, independence and pure love of proper music permeates every inch of the area.




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