The North Lake Line was a local streetcar line in Pasadena, California. It ran primarily on Lake Avenue and was mostly associated with the Pacific Electric Railway route which operated until 1941.

North Lake
OwnerPacific Electric
LocaleSouthern California
SystemPacific Electric
Operator(s)Pacific Electric
ClosedJanuary 19, 1941 (1941-01-19)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
Route map

Country Club Park
Mendocino Street Branch
Lake and Mendocino
Lake and Calaveras
Lake and Alameda
Lake and Morada
Lake and New York
Lake and Woodbury
Lake and Atchison
Lake and Elizabeth
Lake and Howard
Lake and Rio Grande
Lake and Washington
Lake and Claremont
Lake and Belvidere
Lake and Mountain
Lake and Boylston
Lake and Orange Grove
Lake and Santa Barbara
Lake and Villa
Lake and Maple
Lake and Hull
Colorado and Lake
Colorado and Hudson
Colorado and Oak Knoll
Colorado and El Molino
Colorado and Madison
Colorado and Oakland
Colorado and Los Robles
Colorado and Euclid
Colorado and Garfield
Colorado and Marengo
Colorado and Arroyo
Colorado and Raymond
multiple lines

History edit

The first tracks on North Lake Avenue were constructed by the Highland Street Railway Company in early 1888.[1] The extension to Orange Grove Avenue was built in 1904 by the Pasadena Electric.[2] By 1911, inbound cars on the line were through routed to North Orange Grove Avenue. In January 1913, the line was rerouted via Mendocino Street to Allen Avenue; the branch to Country Club Park on Mendocino Street became the outer terminus that same year.[3] Car 1602 suffered a runaway on the line in 1916, and a derail was installed on Lake south of Mariposa Street to mitigate future issues on the descent from Mt. Lowe. Through routing was changed in July 1923 to the Altadena via the North Fair Oaks Avenue Line, almost forming a loop service. The line north and east of Woodbury and Lake was abandoned on April 3, 1932, and the last car ran on the line on January 19, 1941.[3][4] Tracks had been removed or paved over by 1981.

Route edit

The North Lake Line traveled on a double track system in pavement of Lake Avenue from Colorado Boulevard north to Woodbury Road. It then proceeded north on a single track to El Mendocino Street (Mendocino Street) where it turned east to its terminus at Allen Avenue in Altadena.

References edit

  This article incorporates text from a free content work. Licensed under the public domain as a work of the State of California. (license statement/permission). Text taken from 1981 Inventory of Pacific Electric Routes​, California Department of Transportation, . Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

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