North Ingria

The Republic of North Ingria (Finnish: Pohjois-Inkerin tasavalta), Ingrian: Pohja-inkeriläin respublikka) or Republic of Kirjasalo (Finnish: Kirjasalon tasavalta, Ingrian: Kirjsalon respublikka) was a short-lived, small state for the Ingrian Finns in the southern part of the Karelian Isthmus, which seceded from Bolshevist Russia after the October Revolution. Its aim by most proponents was to ultimately be incorporated into the Kingdom of Finland, and it ruled parts of Northern Ingria from 1919 until 1920. With the Peace Treaty of Tartu, it was re-integrated into Russia; however, Ingrian Finns of this area enjoyed a certain degree of national autonomy until the 1930s in compliance with the policy of national delimitation in the Soviet Union. In 1928 the Kuivaisi National District was established there with its administrative base in Toksovo. In 1939 it was abolished and the area was joined to the Pargolovo district.[1] Today, it is the north-eastern part of Vsevolozhsky District.

Republic of North Ingria
Pohjois-Inkerin tasavalta
Flag of North Ingria
Coat of arms of North Ingria
Coat of arms
Anthem: Nouse, Inkeri [fi]
Location of North Ingria (in red), within the historical region of Ingria (in light beige).
Location of North Ingria (in red), within the historical region of Ingria (in light beige).
LegislatureGoverning council[further explanation needed]
• Established
January 23 1919
• Disestablished
December 5 1920
August 191930 km2 (12 sq mi)
• August 1919
CurrencyFinnish Mark
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Population not including soldiers
Chairmen of governing council
Start day Start month Start year End day End month End year Chair
9 July 1919 September 1919 Santeri Termonen
14 September November Juho Pekka Kokko
16 November May 1920 Georg Elfvengren
June 1920 5 December Jukka Tirranen

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