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The North American Boxing Federation (NABF) is a not-for-profit regional sanctioning body that awards regional boxing titles. It is a boxing federation within the World Boxing Council (WBC).


The WBC established the NABF in 1969 as part of its creation of a variety of regional boxing federations. These regional federations would sanction championship bouts and crown regional champions. These champions would be given consideration in the world rankings put out by the WBC. The first NABF title bout was between Sonny Liston and Leotis Martin on December 6, 1969.[1]

According to the International Boxing Research Organization, "the appearance of the NABF in 1969 marked the start of major 12-round title bouts in western countries..."[2]

Championship lineageEdit

Current title holdersEdit


Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Minimumweight vacant
Light flyweight vacant
Flyweight vacant
Super flyweight vacant
Bantamweight   Joshua Franco April 25, 2019
Super bantamweight   Ronny Rios July 13, 2019
Featherweight   Manny Robles III June 14, 2018
Super featherweight   Abraham Montoya April 13, 2019
Lightweight   Teófimo López December 8, 2018
Super lightweight   Maxim Dadashev June 9, 2018
Welterweight   Egidijus Kavaliauskas September 22, 2017
Super welterweight   Carlos Adames October 13, 2018
Middleweight   Tureano Johnson July 18, 2019
Super middleweight   Shakeel Phinn June 8, 2019
Light heavyweight vacant
Cruiserweight vacant
Heavyweight   Óscar Rivas September 28, 2017


Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Atomweight vacant
Strawweight vacant
Light flyweight vacant
Flyweight vacant
Super flyweight   Christina Ruiz July 28, 2017
Bantamweight vacant
Super bantamweight vacant
Featherweight vacant
Super featherweight   Mikaela Mayer October 13, 2018
Lightweight   Selina Barrios December 29, 2017
Super lightweight vacant
Welterweight vacant
Super welterweight vacant
Middleweight vacant
Super middleweight vacant
Heavyweight vacant

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