Nordic combined at the 1924 Winter Olympics

At the 1924 Winter Olympics one individual Nordic combined event was contested. It was held on Saturday, February 2, 1924 (cross-country skiing) and on Monday, February 4, 1924 (ski jumping). Unlike today the ski jump was the last event held. Both events were also individual medal events. The winner, Thorleif Haug was also the winner of both cross-country skiing races, and the podium was identical to that in the 50 km cross-country.[1]

Nordic Combined
at the I Olympic Winter Games
Nordic combined pictogram.svg
VenueLe Tremplin Olympique du Mont (ski jumping)
Stade Olympique de Chamonix (cross-country skiing)
Dates2–4 February 1924
Competitors30 from 9 nations
Winning Score37.812
1st place, gold medalist(s) Thorleif Haug  Norway
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Thoralf Strømstad  Norway
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Johan Grøttumsbraaten  Norway
1928 →
Nordic combined


Gold Silver Bronze
Thorleif Haug
Thoralf Strømstad
Johan Grøttumsbråten


Final standingsEdit

Place Competitor Total
1   Thorleif Haug (NOR) 18.906
2   Thoralf Strømstad (NOR) 18.219
3   Johan Grøttumsbråten (NOR) 17.854
4   Harald Økern (NOR) 17.260
5   Axel-Herman Nilsson (SWE) 14.063
6   Josef Adolf (TCH) 13.720
7   Walter Buchberger (TCH) 13.625
8   Menotti Jakobsson (SWE) 12.823
9   Verner Eklöf (FIN) 12.583
10   Klébert Balmat (FRA) 12.333
11   Sigurd Overby (USA) 12.219
  Peter Schmid (SUI) 12.219
13   Josef Bím (TCH) 12.083
14   Alexandre Girard-Bille (SUI) 11.604
15   Hans Eidenbenz (SUI) 11.438
16   Sulo Jääskeläinen (FIN) 11.365
17   Xaver Affentranger (SUI) 11.188
18   Gilbert Ravanel (FRA) 11.063
19   Andrzej Krzeptowski (POL) 9.531
20   Adrien "André" Vandelle (FRA) 8.167
21   Anders Haugen (USA) 5.750
22   John Carleton (USA) 5.104
  Ragnar Omtvedt (USA) DNF
  Franciszek Bujak (POL) DNF
  Nils Lindh (SWE) DNF
  István Déván (HUN) DNF
  Aladár Háberl (HUN) DNF
  Béla Szepes (HUN) DNF
  Otakar Německý (TCH) DNF
  Martial Payot (FRA) DNF

Participating nationsEdit

A total of 30 Nordic combined skiers from nine nations competed at the Chamonix Games:


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