Poland at the 1924 Winter Olympics

Poland competed at the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.

Poland at the
1924 Winter Olympics
Flag of Poland (1919-1928).svg
NOCPolish Olympic Committee
Websitewww.pkol.pl (in Polish)
in Chamonix
Competitors7 (men) in 5 sports
Winter Olympics appearances (overview)

Cross-country skiingEdit

Event Athlete Race
Time Rank
18 km Andrzej Krzeptowski 1'43:02.8 28
Franciszek Bujak 1'42:13.0 27
50 km Szczepan Witkowski 6'25:58 21

Military patrolEdit

Athletes Time Shots on target Final Time (-30s./hit) Rank
Stanisław Chrobak
Stanisław Kądziołka
Szczepan Witkowski
Zbigniew Wóycicki

Nordic combinedEdit


  • 18 km cross-country skiing
  • normal hill ski jumping

The cross-country skiing part of this event was combined with the main medal event of cross-country skiing. Those results can be found above in this article in the cross-country skiing section. Some athletes (but not all) entered in both the cross-country skiing and Nordic combined event, their time on the 18 km was used for both events. One would expect that athletes competing at the Nordic combined event, would participate in the cross-country skiing event as well, as they would have the opportunity to win more than one medal. This was not always the case due to the maximum number of athletes (here: 4) could represent a country per event.

The ski jumping (normal hill) event was held separate from the main medal event of ski jumping, results can be found in the table below.

Athlete Event Ski Jumping Cross-country Total
Distance 1 Distance 2 Total points Rank Time Points Rank Points Rank
Andrzej Krzeptowski Individual 32.5 33.0 13.312 17 1'43:02 5.750 20 9.531 19
Franciszek Bujak 1'42:13 6.250 18 DNF

Ski jumpingEdit

Athlete Event Jump 1 Jump 2
Distance Points Rank Distance Points Total Rank
Andrzej Krzeptowski Normal hill 33.0 12.750 21 32.0 12.167 12.458 21

Speed skatingEdit

Event Athlete Race
Time Rank
500 m Leon Jucewicz 49.6 17
1500 m Leon Jucewicz 2:42.6 15
5000 m Leon Jucewicz 10:05.6 16
10,000 m Leon Jucewicz 20:40.8 14

Distances: 500m; 1000m; 5000m & 10,000m.

Athlete Until distance 1 Until distance 2 Until distance 3 Total
Points Score rank Points Score rank Points Score rank Points Score rank
Leon Jucewicz 11 49.60 11 20 110.16 10 27 164.36 9 32 226.40 8


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