Norbury Lake Provincial Park

Norbury Lake Provincial Park (also known as Norbury Lake Park) is a 97-hectare (240-acre) provincial park in British Columbia, Canada.

Norbury Lake Provincial Park
A map showing the location of the park in British Columbia
A map showing the location of the park in British Columbia
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Nearest cityCranbrook
Coordinates49°32′29″N 115°29′08″W / 49.54139°N 115.48556°W / 49.54139; -115.48556
Area0.97 km2 (0.37 sq mi)
EstablishedJuly 15, 1958 (1958-07-15)
Governing bodyBC Parks


Norbury Lake Park covers an area of 97 hectares (240 acres)[1] and is located in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia, approximately 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) south of Fort Steele.[2] It is situated in the Rocky Mountain Trench, with views of the Hughes Range,[3] including The Steeples to the immediate east.

The park includes two lakes: Peckham's Lake in the centre of the park, and Norbury Lake, whose northernmost section falls within the park boundary.[2] Both lakes were formerly known as Norbury Lake, in honour of F. Paget Norbury, a local resident who was a magistrate in Fort Steele in the late nineteenth century.[1][4] Peckham's Lake gained its name when Norbury sold the adjoining land to the Peckham family.[1]

Flora and faunaEdit

Trees in the park include lodgepole pine, Douglas-fir, trembling aspen and western larch, with shrubs such as chokeberry, thimbleberry, willow.[1]

Fauna in the park includes elk, bighorn sheep, deer and various squirrel species, including the Columbian ground squirrel. Peckham's Lake is known for its stock of rainbow trout.[1]


There is a campsite in the southern part of the park, which is open throughout the year,[1][2] with 46 camping spots.[5]

Norbury Lake Park is used for many recreational activities, including cycling, fishing, hiking and swimming. There is a boat launch on Peckham's Lake for non-motorised craft, such as canoes.[1][3] Trails are marked through the park for hikers. There is also a picnic area.[1]


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