Nokia Lifeblog is a discontinued multimedia diary and website administration tool that automatically collects all the photos, videos, and sound clips that the user creates on the mobile phone, text messages and MMS messages that were sent and received. It also allows the user to create text and audio notes. It organizes all the contents in a Timeline and renders the diary searchable via its contents and via automatically and manually created metadata, including time, location, tags, descriptions, filenames, sender and recipient information.

Nokia Lifeblog
Stable release
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Symbian
TypeBlogging software

Lifeblog comprises a Microsoft Windows PC program and an S60 mobile phone application which synchronize with each other. The PC application also allows the import of photos and other compatible items from devices other than mobile phones.

The PC version of Lifeblog can run independently of the phone version and was available from Nokia's Lifeblog page[1] (now discontinued).

Both from the mobile phone Lifeblog application and from the PC Lifeblog application, users can post their data to Atom-enabled[2] blogs such as LifeLogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, Jutut,[3] LifeType, MediaBlog,[4] and SaunaBlog.[5] Photos can also be sent to a Flickr account.

Phones supported include:

Blog settings edit

To post items to a blog from Lifeblog, you need to know the Atom server address. Here are some examples. These can also be used in Nokia Photos (for PC) and in Share Online (for S60 phones).

Blog Username Password Server address More info
BlogIt Your BlogIt username? Your BlogIt password? More info in Thai
Flickr Your Flickr registered email Get your special password here More info
Flickr and your blog Your Flickr registered email Get your special password here More info
Globe G-Blogs Your G-Blogs username Your G-Blogs password More info
Ikbis Your Ikbis username Your Ikbis password More info
Jutut Your Jutut username Your secret code for email More info in Finnish
LifeLogger Your LifeLogger username Get your special blogging key here S60 and PC
LiveJournal Your LiveJournal username Your LiveJournal password More info MediaBlog Your username Your special email publishing password More info
MySinaBlog Your MySinaBlog account number Your MySinaBlog password More info in Chinese
Phlog Your Phlog username Your secret word (not your web password) More info
Twango Your Twango username Your Twango password More info
TypePad Your TypePad username Your TypePad password More info


Vox Your Vox login email Your Vox password More info
WordPress plugin admin (or whatever you use to post) The password you specify in lifeblog.php (not your normal WordPress password) More info
Yam Your Yam username? Your Yam password? More info in Taiwanese
MobyPicture Your MobyPicture/Twitter username? Your MobyPicture/Twitter password? More info

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