Nisar Nasik (15 February 1943 – 3 July 2019) was a Pakistani poet.[1]


He was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1943 and used to work for both Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. He was credited with writing the song "Dil Dil Pakistan", a highly popular patriotic song by the musical band Vital Signs first released in 1987.[1][2][3][4][5]

Awards and recognitionEdit

Pakistan Television awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions in Urdu literature.[3][5][6][4]


He wrote in Urdu and Punjabi languages. He also wrote two books:


Nisar Nasik died in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 3 July 2019 after a protracted illness with many health issues including diabetes, amnesia and high blood pressure.[1][3][4][2]


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