Nicolas Desmares

Nicolas Desmares (Rouen, 1650 – Paris, 3 November 1714) was a French comedian.[1]

A brother-in-law of Champmeslé, he also called himself "Champmeslé" and with his sister Marie Champmeslé, they joined the theatre of Rouen. His talent earned him a call to perform at the court of King Christian V of Denmark. Recalled to Paris by his sister, he was received 28 March 1685 "sans début" (without a period of trial) – an honour bestowed for the first time – at the Comédie-Française where he specialized in peasant roles,[2] which he played in a superior and inimitable way. He retired with a pension of 1000 livres on 27 June 1712.

He married the actress Anne d'Ennebaut, granddaughter of Montfleury, who gave him two daughters, both later actresses and sociétaires of the Comédie-Française: Charlotte Desmares and Christine Dangeville.[3]


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