Nicholson's Brewery

Nicholson's was a small brewery operating from 1840 to 1960 in Maidenhead in the English county of Berkshire.

A label from a bottle of Nicholsons' Brown Ale


The brewery was founded in 1840 by William Nicholson (1820–1916[1]),[2] son of successful businessman Robert Nicholson. The brewery was based in the centre of town with an extensive frontage on the High Street.[1]

At their peak in the 1900s, Nicholson's possessed 150 tied pubs.

Courage purchaseEdit

Nicholson's was bought out by Courage, Barclay & Simonds in 1958,[2] and the site was closed three years later. It was demolished in 1962.[3] The Nicholson's Centre shopping complex now stands on the site, covering the 400 ft deep artesian well that provided the brewery with its water.


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