Nice 'n Juicy

Nice 'n Juicy is an Australian television sitcom which first screened on the ABC in 1966. It was the first series made by the ABC which had self contained episodes, as opposed to a serial. Nice 'n Juicy was created by Colin Free, who based the show on the play he wrote titled "How Do You Spell Matrimony". It was directed and produced by Eric Tayler.

Nice 'n Juicy
Created byColin Free
Directed byEric Tayler
Country of originAustralia
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Executive producerEric Tayler
Running time30 minutes
Original networkABC
Original release1966 (1966) –
1967 (1967)


Nice 'n Juicy is set on a rundown citrus orchard in the fictitious town of Wyvern Creek, in New South Wales. The property is left to Jack and Mort Hamlin by their father, in his will. Jack, is conservative and wishes to develop the old family property but Mort wants to sell up and move to the bright lights of Sydney and live high on the profits. Rosie Withers is Mort's girlfriend and Ada Withers is Rosie's battleaxe mother. Myrtle is a hen who shares the brothers' squalid broken-down farmhouse.[1]



Plumb wrote in her memoirs that "we were a happy little bunch of vegemites and thought we were being very funny. The ABC hated it. 'Too raw' they said and cancelled the series after thirteen episodes."[2]

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