Ngwavuma River

The Ngwavuma[2] is a river in Eswatini and KwaZulu-Natal Province in southern Africa. It is also known as the Inguavuma, Ingwavuma, Ingwovuma, and Nggwavuma, and is one of the five major rivers in Eswatini.[3] It arises in southwestern Eswatini and flows eastward. It is a tributary of the Pongola River.[4]

Ngwavuma River
Inguavuma, Ingwavuma or Nggwavuma
Border Cave01.jpg
View from Border Cave over Ingwavuma River
Ngwavuma River is located in South Africa
Ngwavuma River
Location of the Ngwavuma River mouth
EtymologyFrom the Zulu name for Elaeodendron transvaalense, a tree whose bark is a fever remedy; possibly also 'the growling one' referring to the sound the river makes when passing through a ravine.[1]
CountryEswatini, South Africa
Physical characteristics
 • locationSW Eswatini
MouthPhongolo River
 • location
Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
 • coordinates
26°57′42″S 32°17′39″E / 26.96167°S 32.29417°E / -26.96167; 32.29417Coordinates: 26°57′42″S 32°17′39″E / 26.96167°S 32.29417°E / -26.96167; 32.29417
 • elevation
34 m (112 ft)

The principal towns in Eswatini along the Ngwavuma are Nhlangano and Nsoko.[3]


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