Pongola River

The Pongola or Phongolo River (Afrikaans: Pongolarivier) is a river in South Africa. It is a tributary of the Maputo River. It rises near Utrecht in northern KwaZulu-Natal, flows east through Pongola, is dammed at Pongolapoort, and crosses the Ubombo Mountains; then it flows north towards Mozambique, joining the Maputo River. [2]

Pongola River
Pongola river in Eswatini.jpg
Pongola river, immediately below Pongolapoort Dam
Pongola River is located in South Africa
Pongola River
Location of the Pongola River mouth
EtymologyFrom the Zulu for 'trough-like', 'river of troughs', referring to long pools.[1]
CountrySouth Africa, Mozambique
Physical characteristics
 • locationNear Utrecht, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
MouthMaputo River
 • location
Maputo Province, Mozambique
 • coordinates
26°51′21″S 32°20′47″E / 26.85583°S 32.34639°E / -26.85583; 32.34639Coordinates: 26°51′21″S 32°20′47″E / 26.85583°S 32.34639°E / -26.85583; 32.34639
 • elevation
29 m (95 ft)

Its main tributaries are the Bivane River and the Mozana River in South Africa, as well as the Ngwavuma in Eswatini.[3]

The Pongola River winding through hills in and beyond the Ithala Game Reserve

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