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Ng (Arabic letter)

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ڭ (Ng or Naf) is an additional letter of the Arabic script, derived from kāf (ك) with the addition of three dots above the letter. It is not used in the Arabic language itself, but is used to represent a velar /ŋ/ when writing Turkic languages. In Ottoman Turkish, it represented the palatal /ɲ/ which, before merging, was the velar /ŋ/.

Its initial and medial forms are identical to ݣ, which represents /ɡ/ in some languages. However, their final and isolated forms are different.

Position in word: Isolated Final Medial Initial
Glyph form:
ڭ ـڭ ـڭـ ڭـ


The letter is used or has been used to write:

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