Ney Braga Hydroelectric Plant

The Governor Ney Braga de Barros Hydroelectric Plant, formerly known as Segredo, is a dam and hydroelectric power plant on the Iguazu River near Segredo in Paraná, Brazil. It is the fourth dam upstream of the Iguazu Falls and was constructed between 1987 and 1991 while being inaugurated in 1992.[1][2] The power station has a 1,260 megawatts (1,690,000 hp) capacity and is supplied with water by a concrete face rock-fill embankment dam.

Governor Ney Braga de Barros Dam
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The dam in 2008
Ney Braga Hydroelectric Plant is located in Brazil
Ney Braga Hydroelectric Plant
Location of Governor Ney Braga de Barros Dam in Brazil
Official nameGovernor Ney Braga de Barros Hydroelectric Plant
LocationSegredo, Paraná, Brazil
Coordinates25°47′35″S 52°06′47″W / 25.79306°S 52.11306°W / -25.79306; -52.11306Coordinates: 25°47′35″S 52°06′47″W / 25.79306°S 52.11306°W / -25.79306; -52.11306
Construction began1987
Opening date1992
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment; concrete face, rock-fill
ImpoundsIguazu River
Height145 m (476 ft)
Length700 m (2,300 ft)
Spillway typeService, controlled
Spillway capacity50,000 m3/s (1,800,000 cu ft/s)
CreatesGovernor Ney Braga de Barros Reservoir
Power Station
Commission date1992
Turbines4 x 315 MW (422,000 hp) Francis turbines
Installed capacity1,260 MW (1,690,000 hp)
Annual generation3,662.2 GWh (13,184 TJ)

It is owned and operated by Copel who renamed it after Ney Braga de Barros, governor of Paraná between 1961–1965 and 1979–1982. It was the first hydroelectric project in Brazil's history to provide an Environmental Impact Assessment.[3]


Construction on the dam began in September 1987 with the diversion of the Iguazu River. The diversion tunnel was 778-metre (2,552 ft) long and had a diameter of 13.5 metres (44 ft), it was completed in June 1988. Excavations for the dam's foundation began in September 1988 and was completed in December 1989. Construction was complete in 1992.[4]

Ney Braga de Barros DamEdit

The Ney Braga de Barros Dam is 145 metres (476 ft) high, 700 metres (2,300 ft) long and is of concrete face, rock-fill design. Water from the Jordão River, 2 km southwest of the dam, is diverted through a 4,703-metre (15,430 ft) long and 9.5-metre (31 ft) diameter tunnel and into the Ney Braga de Barros Reservoir. The Jordão River is dammed 4.5 kilometres (2.8 mi) upstream of its mouth with the Iguazu River with a roller-compacted concrete dam. The water from the diverted river increases the reservoir inflows by 10%. The power station contains 4 x 315 megawatts (422,000 hp) generators.[4]

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