Nexsound is a Ukraine based independent record label founded by Andrey Kiritchenko in 2000 and was also co-operated by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra) from 2003 till July 2007.
Founded in 2000, Nexsound has been dedicated to the unusual and experimental music, both acoustic and electronic, released on CDs, cassettes and digital releases. During 8 years of its activity Nexsound released 60 albums from more than 30 artists, such as Muslimgauze, Kim Cascone, Perlonex with Charlemagne Palestine and Keith Rowe, Anla Courtis, Tom Carter, Zavoloka, Kotra, the Moglass, Andrey Kiritchenko and many more. From 2005 to 2007 Nexsound hosts international festival for electronic music and visual arts - Detali Zvuku.
In 2007 Nexsound opened up a new series of CDs – Nexsound PQP (pickup) which is dedicated to music that lies on the edges of pop and experimental music.

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