Neutrogena Corporation,[1] trading as Neutrogena, is an American company that produces cosmetics, skin care and hair care and owned by parent company Kenvue and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.[2] According to product advertising at their website, Neutrogena products are distributed in more than 70 countries.[3]

Neutrogena Corporation
Founded1930 (as Natone)
1962 (as Neutrogena)
FounderEmanuel Stolaroff
HeadquartersSkillman, New Jersey,
United States
Area served
Revenueless than US$ 4 billion (2020)
Neutrogena "Norwegian Formula" hand cream

Neutrogena was founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff, and was originally a cosmetics company named Natone. Johnson & Johnson acquired the independent company in 1994.[4]

The company originally supplied to department stores and salons that catered for the Hollywood film industry.[5]

History Edit

In 1930, Emanuel Stolaroff started a small company called Natone.[6] Soon, it grew into a larger business, and he started expanding it into retail markets.[citation needed] Stolaroff met Belgian chemist Edmond Fromont in 1954, and acquired the rights to distribute his patented formula of a mild clear soap that cleared the skin, without drying it, in the US.[2] By then, Lloyd Cotsen had entered the Stolaroff family by marrying his daughter Joanne Stolaroff.[5] In 1962, the company name was officially changed to Neutrogena Corporation; Cotsen became president in 1967.[7]

The company listed publicly on the NASDAQ in 1973, with a market value of $1.2 million.[8] Cotsen started marketing soap through two major channels: dermatologists and luxury hotels.[9] Neutrogena managed to stay clear of any major pricing wars, like those of other big corporations of that generation.[citation needed] It launched product lines in acne and anti-aging areas.[5] In 1982, profits reached US$3 million, and Cotsen was named the CEO.[5]

In 1994, Johnson & Johnson acquired Neutrogena for $924 million, at a price of $35.25 per share.[1] Johnson & Johnson's international network helped Neutrogena boost its sales and enter newer markets including India, South Africa, and China. Priced at a premium, Neutrogena products are distributed in over 70 countries. The company has major subsidiaries in Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea and India.[2]

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2023, Neutrogena announced a partnership with Nourished, a vitamin brand that 3D-prints customized gummy supplements.[10]

Sunscreen recall Edit

In July 2021, parent company Johnson & Johnson recalled four Neutrogena aerosol sunscreen products and one Aveeno branded spray from stores in the United States after detecting the carcinogen benzene in some samples.[11][12] The company went on to state that benzene is not used in the manufacturing process of the sprays and said it began an investigation into the source of the contamination.[13][14]

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