The Neubrügg or Neubrücke (English: New Bridge) is a covered wooden bridge over the river Aare between the village of Kirchlindach and Bern in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.[1]

Neubrügg 011 Nordwestseite.JPG
The Neubrügg
Coordinates46°58′26″N 7°25′41″E / 46.97389°N 7.42806°E / 46.97389; 7.42806Coordinates: 46°58′26″N 7°25′41″E / 46.97389°N 7.42806°E / 46.97389; 7.42806
LocaleBern and Kirchlindach, Switzerland
ID number10503
Construction start1469


The bridge was first built in 1469 to replace a ferry crossing over the Aare. The bridge eventually became part of two major roads that helped Bern control its extensive territory north of the river. The road into the Berner Seeland passed over the bridge before traveling to Meikirch, while the other road ran into the Fraubrunnenamt after passing through Oberlindach and Münchenbuchsee. The Neubrügg remained important until motorized traffic made it obsolete. It was supplanted by the concrete Halenbrücke in 1911-13.[2]

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