Nephon I of Constantinople

Nephon I or Niphon of Cyzicus (Greek: Νήφων; ? – after 1314) was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 1310 to 1314. From Veria, Greece. Nicephorus Gregoras claimed Nephon to be illiterate, a lover of luxury, and ill-suited for the position.[1]:253 Due to his willingness to compromise, during his time as patriarch the Arsenite Schism was healed within the Byzantine Church. Nephon abdicated the throne after four years.[1]:254

Nephon I of Constantinople
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
ChurchChurch of Constantinople
In office9 May 1310 – 11 April 1314
PredecessorAthanasius I of Constantinople
SuccessorJohn XIII of Constantinople
Personal details
Diedafter 1314


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Athanasius I
Patriarch of Constantinople
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