Nepal Mathematical Society

The Nepal Mathematical Society (NMS) (Nepali: नेपाल गणित समाज), was founded (formally) in January, 1979 (Nepali :बिक्रम सम्बत २०३५ माघ ५), by enthusiastic Nepalese mathematicians of that time, with the aim of enhancing the academic excellency in studying, teaching, research and applications of Mathematics.

Nepal Mathematical Society
HeadquartersKirtipur, Kathmandu
500 (life)
Chet Raj Bhatta
Key people
Dinesh Panthi (Secretary), Ajay Kumar Chaudhary (Treasurer)


The Nepal Mathematical Society is an association of professional mathematicians dedicated for promotion of mathematical sciences in the country. The society annually published various publications, and held conferences and talk programs at local and national level.[1] The first president the Nepal Mathematical Society is Prof. Dhup Ratna Bajracharya.[2]


Establishment of an Institute for enhancing mathematical research and education through sound activities was realized in 2019 B.S.[clarification needed][citation needed] The informal discussion happened between and among the most enthusiastic mathematicians and students of the master's degree program in a picnic program in 2019 B.S. Primarily those parental figures of the institution were Prof. Ashutosh Ganguly, Prof. Krishna Murari Saxena, Prof. Govinda Dev Pant, Prof. Keshav Dev Bhattarai, Prof. Dhup Ratna Bajracharya including the students Ram Man Shrestha, Shankar Raj Pant.[citation needed] The Society attained its legal status in 2035/10/05 B.S.[citation needed]


The Nepal Mathematical Society aims:[citation needed]

  • To enhance the academic excellency in studying, teaching, research and applications in mathematics.
  • To preserve and promote the professional ethics and rights and welfare of teachers and researchers of mathematics.
  • To work continuously for promoting mathematics maintaining good relations with the national and international educational and academics.

Members and membershipEdit

The NMS consists of about 400 life members as of data of 2009.[3] The society offers two kinds of memberships in general: General membership and life membership. The general membership is to be renewed every year by paying a nominal membership fee, and the life membership can be obtained by paying the fee designated for life membership. To be eligible for the NMS membership, one has to hold a minimum of a master's degree in mathematical sciences either from Central Department of Mathematics TU or from some other universities recognized by Tribhuvan University.


The Nepal Mathematical Society publishes the Nepali Mathematical Sciences Report[2] and the Nepal Mathematical Society Newsletter, the society's official newsletter.[4]


The Nepal Mathematical Society organizes seminars, conferences, trainings every year to promote the studies, teaching and research in mathematics.[citation needed]


The Nepal Mathematical Society has a reciprocity relationship with American Mathematical Society.[citation needed]

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