Nelly Baylon

Nelly Baylon was an actress in the Philippines. She was discovered by the owner of Sampaguita Pictures while she was selling Sampaguita flowers on the streets of Manila. She was born in 1937 under the name Bienvenida Anong and was raised by her mother Justa Santiago Vda De Anong along with her older siblings Eugenio Anong and Dolores Mapugay. She immediately took the film Chavacano of Dolphy in 1956. She also supported the movie of Gloria Romero and Ric Rodrigo Hahabul-Habol. She was also associated with Susan Roces' films "Prinsesang Gusgusin" and "Mga Reyna ng Vicks". She was on her way to her first starring role shooting when a car accident took her life.


  • 1955 - Binibining kalog
  • 1956 - Chavacano
  • 1956 - Boksingera
  • 1957 - Hahabul-Habol
  • 1957 - Ismol but Teribol
  • 1957 - Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak
  • 1957 - Prinsesang Gusgusin
  • 1958 - Mga Reyna ng Vicks

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