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Neil Ripley Ker CBE FBA (/kɜːr/; 1908–1982) was a scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature. He is known especially for his Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon, which is praised as a milestone in Anglo-Saxon manuscript study.[1] He was University Reader in Palaeography at Oxford until he retired in 1968.


Annually, the British Academy awards grants in Ker's name to scholars who publish books "that include analysis of the distinctive features of original manuscripts."[2]

Publications (selected)Edit

  • 1941: Medieval Libraries of Great Britain
  • 1954 Fragments of Medieval Manuscripts Used as Pastedowns in Oxford Bindings
  • 1957: Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon
  • 1960: English Manuscripts in the Century after the Norman Conquest
  • 1964: Medieval Libraries of Great Britain; 2nd ed.
  • 1969: Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries; vol. 1
  • 1977: Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries; vol. 2


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Further readingEdit

  • Doyle, A. I. (1993). Neil Ripley Ker, 1908-1982. Reprinted from 1991 lectures and memoirs, Proceedings of the British Academy, 80. Oxford University Press for the British Academy. OCLC 311053451.

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