Negro (candy)

Negro is a candy originating in Subotica, made by the company founded in 1917 by József Ruff.[1] Originally based in Austria-Hungary, Ruff and his family continued living and working in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia following the dissolution of Austria-Hungary.[2] This brand of candies has been later produced by Pionir (the successor of Ruff's confectionery production) since 1946[3] in Serbia.[4] In Hungary, it was produced by Győri Keksz until 2019. The product's slogan is "the chimney sweep of the throat". On its wrapper a chimney sweeper is depicted sweeping a chimney.[5] It gets its originally black colour from active carbon and anise which is similar in taste to licorice, and taste from menthol added. Its full recipe is an industrial secret.[6][7] Since 2018, production of Győri-branded Negro has been moved to Gebze, Turkey.[8]

FounderJózsef Ruff
Hungarian Negro
Serbian Negro candies

The name Negro has sometimes been viewed as racist.[9][10] However, the name refers to its inventor, Pietro Negro, and the word "black" (as the most popular version of the candy is black) is not connected to people of African descent.


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