Muzaffar Ali Khan Qizilbash

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Nawab Muzaffar Ali Khan Qizilbash (Urdu: نواب مظفر علی خان قزلباش‎) was born in 1908. He was a politician from the Punjab and a minister in the governments of the Punjab, West Pakistan and Pakistan.[1] Muzaffar Qizilbash started his legislative career as a Unionist, later joining the Muslim League and subsequently the Republican Party. He later served as Minister for Industries in the cabinet of Prime Minister Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar (Muslim League) from October 18, 1957 - December 16, 1957. Afterwards, he served as Minister for Industries, Commerce and Parliamentary Affairs in the cabinet of Prime Minister Feroz Khan Noon (Republican) from December 16, 1957 - March 18, 1958, when he was appointed Chief Minister of West Pakistan.

Muzaffar Ali Khan Qizilbash
3rd Chief Minister of West Pakistan
In office
18 March 1958 – 7 October 1958
GovernorAkhter Husain
Preceded bySardar Abdur Rashid Khan
Succeeded byLast
9th Minister of Finance
In office
4 August 1969 – 22 February 1971
PresidentYahya Khan
Preceded bySyed Mohammad Ahsan
Succeeded byMubashir Hassan

His successor as Minister for Industries and Commerce was Sardar Abdur Rashid Khan, the incumbent Chief Minister of West Pakistan, while the Parliamentary Affairs portfolio was assigned to Sardar Amir Azam Khan. Qizilbash was later Chief Minister of West Pakistan from March 1958 - October 7, 1958 when the cabinet was dismissed on the declaration of Martial Law by President Iskander Mirza.

After the fall of the Ayub Khan government, Qizilbash served as Finance Minister of Pakistan in the presidential cabinet of President and Chief Martial Law Administrator General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan from August 4, 1969 - February 22, 1971.[2][3] Shahtaj Qizilbash was the niece of Muzaffar Ali Khan Qizilbash. Nawab Muzaffar Ali Khan Qizilbash owned the historically significant Nisar Haveli in the Walled City of Lahore area for a while after the Independence of Pakistan in 1947.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Sardar Abdur Rashid Khan
Chief Minister of West Pakistan
Succeeded by
Office abolished
Preceded by
Syed Mohammad Ahsan
Finance Minister of Pakistan
1969 – 1971
Succeeded by
Mubashar Hassan