Natty Universal Dread 1973–1979

Natty Universal Dread 1973–1979 is a 3-CD-Box-set by Big Youth, released in 2001.

Natty Universal Dread 1973–1979
Box set by
LabelBlood & Fire
ProducerDevon Russell
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Natty Universal Dread 1973–1979
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Track listingEdit

All tracks composed by Manley Buchanan; except where indicated

CD1: Hot Stock 1973Edit

  1. "Chucky No Lucky"
  2. "Waterhouse Rock"
  3. "Hot Cross Bun"
  4. "Roll River Jordan" (Sugar Minott)
  5. "Children Children"
  6. "Mr. Buddy"
  7. "Hot Stock"
  8. "Downtown Kingston Pollution"
  9. "Hell Is for Heroes"
  10. "African Daughter"
  11. "Things in the Light"
  12. "Sky Juice"
  13. "Not Long Ago"
  14. "Is Dread in a Babylon"
  15. "I Pray Thee Continually"
  16. "Streets in Africa"

CD2: Reggae Phenomenon 1973–1975Edit

  1. "Give Praises"
  2. "Mama Look"
  3. "Reggae Phenomenon"
  4. "Battle of the Giants, Part 1"
  5. "Battle of the Giants, Part 2"
  6. "Plead I Cause"
  7. "Hip Ki Do"
  8. "Riverton City2
  9. "Love and Happiness" (Al Green, Mabon "Teenie" Hodges)
  10. "Weeping in the Night (Joy in the Morning)"
  11. "Every Nigger Is a Star"
  12. "My Time" (Buchanan, Gregory Isaacs)
  13. "Natty Universal Dread"
  14. "Jim Screechy"

CD3: Hotter Fire 1975–1979Edit

  1. "Messiah Garvey" (Extended)
  2. "Wolf In Sheep Clothing" (Version 1)
  3. "Wolf In Sheep Clothing" (Version 2)
  4. "Keep Your Dread" (Phil Pratt)
  5. "I Light and I Salvation"
  6. "Hit the Road Jack" (Percy Mayfield)
  7. Leroy Smart & Big Youth – "Keep On Trying"
  8. "Jah Man of Syreen"
  9. "Dread High Ranking"
  10. "Hotter Fire"
  11. "Miss Lou Ring a Ding"
  12. "Same Something"
  13. "Dread Is the Best"
  14. "Ten Against One"
  15. "River Boat"
  16. Junior Byles & Big Youth – "Sugar, Sugar" (Chuck Willis, Andy Kim, Jeff Barry)
  17. "The Wise Sheep"
  18. "Jah Jah Love Them" (Extended)
  19. "The Upful One"
  20. "Can't Take Wah Happen on a West"
  21. "Political Confusion"


Recording InformationEdit

  • Recording: Harry J Studio, Kingston, Jamaica & Joe Gibbs Studio, Kingston, Jamaica & Randy's, Kingston, Jamaica

Other informationEdit

All tracks produced by Manley Augustus Buchanan aka Big Youth except: