National Register of Historic Places listings in Owyhee County, Idaho

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Owyhee County, Idaho.

Location of Owyhee County in Idaho

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Owyhee County, Idaho, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.[1]

There are 14 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. More may be added; properties and districts nationwide are added to the Register weekly.[2]

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted April 16, 2021.[3]
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Current listingsEdit

[4] Name on the Register[5] Image Date listed[6] Location City or town Description
1 Bernard's Ferry May 22, 1978
North of Murphy off State Highway 78
43°23′05″N 116°39′53″W / 43.384702°N 116.664717°W / 43.384702; -116.664717 (Bernard's Ferry)
2 Bruneau Episcopal Church November 17, 1982
Off State Highway 51
42°52′50″N 115°48′03″W / 42.880603°N 115.800945°W / 42.880603; -115.800945 (Bruneau Episcopal Church)
3 Camas and Pole Creeks Archeological District May 28, 1986
Address Restricted[7]
Wagon Box Basin
4 Camp Lyon Site December 27, 1972
1 mile east of U.S. Route 95
43°08′15″N 117°00′57″W / 43.1375°N 117.015833°W / 43.1375; -117.015833 (Camp Lyon Site)
5 Camp Three Forks December 15, 1972
South of Silver City
42°42′36″N 117°00′45″W / 42.71°N 117.0125°W / 42.71; -117.0125 (Camp Three Forks)
Silver City
6 Delamar Historic District May 13, 1976
6 miles west of Silver City
43°01′29″N 116°50′31″W / 43.024722°N 116.841944°W / 43.024722; -116.841944 (Delamar Historic District)
Silver City A mining ghost town
7 Guffey Butte – Black Butte Archeological District October 10, 1978
Along approximately 34 miles (55 km) of the Snake River in Canyon, Ada, Owyhee, and Elmore counties[8]
43°11′02″N 116°22′46″W / 43.183962°N 116.379360°W / 43.183962; -116.379360 (Guffey Butte – Black Butte Archeological District)
Grand View
8 James E. and Emma Gusman Ranch December 9, 1999
South Mountain Rd.
42°55′41″N 117°00′00″W / 42.927961°N 117.000015°W / 42.927961; -117.000015 (James E. and Emma Gusman Ranch)
Jordan Valley, Oregon, vicinity
9 Noble Horse Barn August 7, 1991
Reynolds Creek 12 miles southwest of Murphy
43°13′04″N 116°45′13″W / 43.217741°N 116.753705°W / 43.217741; -116.753705 (Noble Horse Barn)
10 Our Lady, Queen of Heaven Church November 28, 1980
Oreana Loop Rd.
43°02′25″N 116°23′41″W / 43.040287°N 116.394637°W / 43.040287; -116.394637 (Our Lady, Queen of Heaven Church)
11 Owyhee County Courthouse November 17, 1982
State Highway 78
43°13′01″N 116°33′04″W / 43.216854°N 116.551022°W / 43.216854; -116.551022 (Owyhee County Courthouse)
12 Poison Creek Stage Station May 22, 1978
South of Homedale off Jump Creek Rd.
43°30′08″N 116°56′18″W / 43.502201°N 116.938278°W / 43.502201; -116.938278 (Poison Creek Stage Station)
13 Silver City Historic District May 19, 1972
Silver City and its environs
43°01′00″N 116°43′57″W / 43.016759°N 116.732504°W / 43.016759; -116.732504 (Silver City Historic District)
Silver City
14 Wickahoney Post Office and Stage Station May 27, 1982
Wickahoney Creek
42°27′22″N 115°59′02″W / 42.456086°N 115.983875°W / 42.456086; -115.983875 (Wickahoney Post Office and Stage Station)

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