Wikipedia:NRHP colors legend

This is a NRHP colors legend, providing index to colors used in Wikipedia lists and articles on sites listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Color options address nine categories of National Park System units automatically included on the National Register. These are (using the National Park Service abbreviations): IHS, NB, NBP, NBS, NHS, NHP, NMEM, NMP, NM.[1]

These are presented in order of rough counts of the number of each site (counts for several by quick inspection of List of areas in the United States National Park System):

Abbreviation and color what it means count estimate list of sites
NRHP National Register of Historic Places >90,000 National Register of Historic Places listings by state
NRHP-delisted Formerly listed on the National Register of Historic Places 1,500
HD National Register Historic District
NHL National Historic Landmark 2,455 List of U.S. National Historic Landmarks by state
CP National Register Historic District Contributing Property
NHLD National Historic Landmark District
NMON National Monument 93 List of national monuments of the United States
NHS National Historic Site 89 List of National Historic Sites
NMEM National Memorial 44 List of National Memorials
NHP National Historical Park 42 List of National Historical Parks
NB National Battlefield 11 List of National Battlefields
NMP National Military Park 9 List of National Military Parks
NBP National Battlefield Park 3 List of National Battlefield Parks
NBS National Battlefield Site 1 National Battlefield Site
NHR National Historical Reserve 1 National Historical Reserve
IHS International Historic Site 1 International Historic Site
  1. ^ Appendix C of the National Park Service's NHLlist PDF document, p.110