National Property Administration

Coordinates: 25°02′35″N 121°33′25″E / 25.042937°N 121.556916°E / 25.042937; 121.556916

The National Property Administration (FNP; Chinese: 財政部國有財產署; pinyin: Cáizhèngbù Guóyǒu Cáichǎnshǔ) is the agency of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan (ROC) responsible for the management of national property.

National Property Administration
ROC-MOF National Property Administration 1st office 20150815.jpg
The 1st office of National Property Administration
Agency overview
Formed12 December 1960
JurisdictionTaiwan (ROC)
HeadquartersDa'an, Taipei
Agency executives
Parent agencyMinistry of Finance (Taiwan)
The 2nd office of National Property Administration


The FNP was established on 12 December 1960 by the Organic Regulations for National Property Administration which was approved by the Executive Yuan on 24 November 1960.[2]


  • Inspections of national property
  • Management of national property
  • Disposal of national property
  • Improved utilization of national property
  • Transactions of national property information
  • Investigations, coordination and allocation of national property
  • Assessment of national property
  • Consultation and management of regulations and legal cases of national property
  • Other national property related issues

Organizational structureEdit

  • Take Over and Custody Division
  • Management and Disposal Division
  • Development Division
  • Public Assets Management Division
  • Office of Computer Information
  • Secretariat
  • Office of Accountants
  • Office of Personnel Affairs
  • Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Office of Law Affairs


NTA is accessible within walking distance North West of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station of the Taipei Metro.

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