Yaroslav Mudryi National Library of Ukraine

The Yaroslav Mudryi National Library of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Національна бібліотека України імені Ярослава Мудрого, translit.: Yaroslav Mudryi National Library of Ukraine) is one of the national libraries of Ukraine, one of the largest libraries of the country. It was opened in 1866 as the city's public library. The main building of the library is located on 1, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Street on the European Square in the center of Kyiv. It is the central library of Ukraine's public library system and is a research institute bibliography and library science.[1]

Yaroslav Mudryi National Library of Ukraine
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Established3 March 1866
Location1, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
Sizeunder 4,000,000 items
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The library's building itself was built in 1911, by the architects Z. Kliave and A. Krivosheyev. The library itself was first founded in 1866. During the library's 140 years of existence, it has obtained over 4 million items in its collection (which started out as a private collection). During its existence, it has collated a large collection of early prints, and rare and valuable books.

During the Second World War, the library suffered serious damage and more than 50,000 publications were taken out from its stock. The library building was set on fire by retreating Nazi troops in November 1943, and during only one night of burning, the library lost more than 300,000 editions including 7,000 manuscripts, rare books and pre-revolutionary periodicals.

Since 1944, the library collection was rebuilt anew.


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